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CM 140: “Coaching For Leaders”

Coaching for leaders

Coaching is, for many managers, a highly under appreciated skill. It is usually assumed that anyone who is good at something, when promoted to manager, will naturally be good at teaching and coaching those skills. Not so much. Teaching and coaching are powerful skills that have to be learned just as much as the skills that get managers promoted. And those skills will make you a far more effective leader. In this episode, Kelly and Robby are joined by perennial champion football coach, Bill Blankenship to talk coaching for leaders in the workplace.

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CM139: “The Greatest of All Time”

Join Kelly and Robby as they celebrate another Pats Super Bowl and outline what great leadership can do for an organization. The Pats provide vivid leadership lessons that anyone can take into the workplace. (Also, discover the easiest way to get your hometown team into a championship game. Hint: it involves Robby moving there.)

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CM113: “All in the FAMILY Business”

Hey, it’s enough of a challenge for a Millennial just to work with a Boomer, but how about when that Boomer is also your dad? Join Robby and Kelly as they talk about the hazards of working in the family business, and learn from the experiences of Jessica and “Mr. Palmer.”Don’t miss this powerful introduction to CounterMentor™ leadership!

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CM109: “I’m the Leader. Now Sit Down and Shut Up!”

They are everywhere, “leaders” (by virtue of position) who won’t accept input or feedback; who basically want you to sit down and shut up, and just do as your told. Join Robby and Kelly for a hilarious examination of Mr/s. Old School Micro-Manager, and the skills that set the NEW CounterMentor™ leader apart from his/her peers.

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CM107: “Could You Do Change ANY Worse?”

If your idea of implementing change in the workplace is to send out an email, schedule training, and tell people to “get over it,” your killing your company’s performance! Join Robby and Kelly as the look closely at the dramatic impact change has on employees, and how leaders can make that process far more effective. I mean, really…could you do change ANY worse?

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