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CM138: “Another Book About Millennials? (a shameless plug)”

Another book about Millennials? REALLY? Well, hold on, cupcake. Yes, there are a lot of leadership books out there and lots of books about Millennials, but you definitely haven’t seen anything like Counter Mentor Leadership. #truth We’ve done the research, and we have over two decades invested in helping leaders transform potential into performance, regardless of generation.

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CM135 “How Did YOU Get Promoted?”

CM135: “How Did YOU Get Promoted?” LISTEN below, and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Were you recently promoted? Would you say it’s going well? Or, like many new leaders, have you learned that you were ill-prepared for a management role? That you have neither the experience or adequate training to function as […]

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CM134 “Millennial Fact or Fiction”

CM134: “Millennial Fact or Fiction” LISTEN below, and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. You’ve heard a lot of generalizations about Millennials and Millennial employees, in particular. There are a million articles about them. There are books about how to understand them. Everyone seems to think they have a handle on Millennials and […]

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CM127: “Embrace the Millennial Mindset”

Actually, the Millennial mindset has a lot to say for itself: passion and creativity, industry-changing ideas, unique solutions to modern problems. They are reinventing our understanding of work-life balance and shaping culture with their drive for purpose. True, they have a different set of perspectives, and they often approach a problem with different ideas about the solution, but why are Boomers so resistant to that? Why can’t they embrace the Millennial mindset?

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CM116: “Who Says Millennials Don’t Work on Weekends”

Crazy work hours can be a huge disruption to communication and collaboration, and Boomer managers typically aren’t adapting very well to the idea of “come and go as you please.” So, what are leaders to do?? Join Kelly and Robby as they try to figure out why Millennials can’t seem to make it to work by 8:00 am (allegedly), and why Boomers insist on rigid work hours (usually).

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