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CM113: “All in the FAMILY Business”

Hey, it’s enough of a challenge for a Millennial just to work with a Boomer, but how about when that Boomer is also your dad? Join Robby and Kelly as they talk about the hazards of working in the family business, and learn from the experiences of Jessica and “Mr. Palmer.”Don’t miss this powerful introduction to CounterMentor™ leadership!

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Throwing Money Away on Bad Meetings

We have all been required to attend meetings at work. Some of them are even necessary. Occasionally, one is actually productive! Unfortunately, most — and we do mean most — are only marginally beneficial. Many are a complete waste of time. And those bad meetings are costing you a fortune.They start late. They are poorly led. They are long on ideas and short on execution. There is no follow-up or accountability.

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CM111: “Team Building is a Train Wreck”

Join Robby and Kelly in this episode and find out what did go wrong (yeah, it’s funny!). Stick around as they poke fun at traditional “team building” activities, and find out what you should be doing instead. Yes, you can build a high-performance team, but team-building “activities abound” and they are typically a train wreck. Why? Because building a great team has very little to do with those kinds of activities.

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