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CM113: “All in the FAMILY Business”

If you’ve ever thought about the potential to work in the family business, join us as we introduce you to Jessica Rhodes, CEO of Interview Connections, and Jim Palmer, the “Dream Business” Coach. Jim and Jessica both run their own businesses.

And, each is the other’s client. Which makes for an interesting twist on the family business idea since they are also father and daughter.

It’s enough of a challenge for a Millennial just to work with a Boomer, but how about when that Boomer is also your dad?Join Robby and Kelly as they talk about the hazards of family members working together, and learn from the experiences of Jessica and “Mr. Palmer.” Don’t miss this powerful introduction to CounterMentor™ leadership!

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Show Notes:

“We’re all working together; that’s the secret.”
Sam Walton

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