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CM110: “I Freaking HATE Meetings!”

It’s another one of those skills that does not get taught to leaders, and people learn how by watching other people who don’t do them how. Big surprise that the RULE, not the exception, is that most meetings are terribly done and people freaking HATE them! Join Robby and Kelly for a thorough thrashing of group meetings, AND some great advice on how you can do them much better in the future.

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CM109: “I’m the Leader. Now Sit Down and Shut Up!”

They are everywhere, “leaders” (by virtue of position) who won’t accept input or feedback; who basically want you to sit down and shut up, and just do as your told. Join Robby and Kelly for a hilarious examination of Mr/s. Old School Micro-Manager, and the skills that set the NEW CounterMentor™ leader apart from his/her peers.

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CM107: “Could You Do Change ANY Worse?”

If your idea of implementing change in the workplace is to send out an email, schedule training, and tell people to “get over it,” your killing your company’s performance! Join Robby and Kelly as the look closely at the dramatic impact change has on employees, and how leaders can make that process far more effective. I mean, really…could you do change ANY worse?

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