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CM108: “Is Your Office Like Junior High?”

There are some REALLY bad workplace cultures out there. Everything from gossip to bullying to out-of-control leaders — and everything in between. Sometimes it feels like you’ve walked right into a 7th grade classroom. The question is, is YOUR office like junior high??

In this episode, we will tell you who is responsible for the problem (is it Millennials or Boomers?), and we’ll provide suggestion on how to fix it (fire them all?).

Join Robby and Kelly as they discuss everything from ESPN’s Bill Simmons to workplace bullying!

Show Notes:

“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.”
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

  1. How a Few Bad Apples Ruin Everything”  by Robert Sutton.
  2. What Workplace Bullying Looks Like in 2014 — and How to Intervene” by Naomi Shavin.
  3. How Negativitaurs Destroy Companies” by Nigel MacLennan
  4. Tackling the Dysfunctional Workplace” by Randy Hain.


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