The Counter Mentor is the new #Leader.

Kelly and Robby Riggs. Boomer. Millennial. Father and son. Both work as consultants. Both confront the realities of leadership in the four-generation workplace every day.

The one competitive advantage that is available to everyone is the ability to leverage the talent of all four generations in the workplace. Today's leaders have to adapt or face the very real possibility of watching their companies become irrelevant.

That's where we come in. As technology and the Digital Natives have invaded the workplace, creating an effective leader that can bridge the generation gap AND solve the modern leadership challenges is critical. Distraction, complexity, change, and time management, added to the traditional leadership issues, has created a leadership dilemma. We teach #Millennials to get with the program, and we teach #Boomers to change the freaking program! Join us!

Coming January 2018!

Published by Nicholas Brealey .

"Kelly and Robby breathe life into the leadership genre! Snarky, fun, and jam-packed with insights, this book will change the way you do leadership. Guaranteed." 

The Problem

The problem is simple: The BOSS (the Boomer, Old-School Supervisor) is struggling to adapt to the challenges of the modern workplace. Generational conflict is only one of several sources of conflict.

After seeing companies and individual leaders struggle inside this new work environment, and observing first-hand the issues associated with multiple generations in the workplace, we realized that overcoming these challenges can create extraordinary opportunities for the leader who is open to change.


Our mission is to help both Boomers & Millennials avoid the frustrations of simply flailing around in the dark, trying to "fix" a few things in order to solve these problems. 

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The Solution

We teach older-generation leaders how to adapt and lead effectively in the current chaotic, four-generation workplace. We help them develop the skills to embolden, empower, and engage the younger generation, and teach them a methodology for developing a Counter Mentor relationship with their high potential employees. 

​Simultaneously, we coach the younger, high-potential employee on how to cultivate the Counter Mentor™ relationship in order to  bring their skills and knowledge to the workplace.

About the Counter Mentor Video Podcast

Finally! A place where you can get both perspectives from the workplace. Boomer AND Millennial. 

This is the show where we tell Millennials to get with the  program...and we tell Boomers to change the freaking program because it isn't working!! Leaders are leaving tons of potential performance on the table, AND consistently losing talent simply because the don't understand these KIDS. Enough of that! In this never-boring podcast we take on all the hype and generalizations and misinformation, and help you make sense of it - Boomer AND Millennial.

​Join father and son, Kelly and Robby Riggs, as they debate and negotiate the best practices from two generations. Trust us, this isn't the same old boring Boomer podcast. Note: No trophies are awarded in the production process.

The Most Recent 
CounterMentors Show

CM 129: “How To Coach (and be coached by) Millennials
It seems like every Boomer manager is trying to learn how to coach Millennials...or something. On rare occasions, the enlightened Boomer manager can actually see the value in being coached BY a Millennial. In this phenomenal episode, we are joined by the incomparable Tim Sanders (@sandersays) for a discussion about how to coach Millennials...and the insane idea (to some managers, at least) of being coached by Millennials.

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Join Kelly & Robby for an entertaining look at what's wrong with Millennials.
Or Boomers. Or both (usually).

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