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Entrepreneurs. Consultants. Speakers. Teachers. Coaches. What makes them unique, as father and son, is the countermentoring relationship they have had for many years, learning from each other's experiences and exploiting the knowledge unique to each of them. Together, their objective is to explore the best of both generations while discussing the pros AND cons of two completely different perspectives of the workplace.


Kelly Riggs

is an author, speaker, and business performance coach for executives and companies throughout the United States and Canada. He has worked with companies in a wide variety of industries, with sales revenues ranging from $5 million to Fortune 500. Kelly is a former sales executive and two-time national Salesperson-of-the-Year. He has well over two decades of executive management and training experience. In ten years as a solo consultant, Kelly has spoken at regional and national conferences all over the United States.

Robby Riggs

Robby is a speaker, author, lecturer, and entrepreneur. He is a high performing transformation leader with experience driving change initiatives from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. He has shepherded clients through re-orgs, technology implementations, talent evaluation and planning, strategic planning and multiple acquisitions. He believes in the power of real teams and is passionate about bringing people together to achieve more.


Do you have a Millennial problem?

We have the solution.




Millennials: The Modern Leadership Dilemma

Challenges and Change

Today’s workplace is radically different than it was even 20 years ago, and the impact of technology is not always for the better. Now, there are now four generations of employees in the workplace, and Millennials are the majority! Kelly and Robby deliver a fast-paced, hard-hitting keynote on the current challenges facing today’s leader, and answer these key questions: Are Millennials really the problem? Are Boomers out of touch? How should a leader deal with distractions, technology, and constant change? The way we've always done things definitely is NOT the solution.


Millennials Make Better Leaders…?

Kelly and Robby debate who makes better leaders – Boomers or Millennials. This dynamic, back-and-forth keynote discusses the importance of both Results-Focused and People-Focused leaders, alongside the role emotional intelligence plays in determining the effectiveness of any leader.


Old School Management is DEAD

The first step is admitting you have a problem

Today’s workplace can often be divided into two groups: the BOSS (the Boomer Old-School Supervisor), and the KIDS (the Know-It-All Digital Self-Promoters) – and they often don’t get along very well. Why? Because Old-School “Taylorian” management practices are outdated and grossly ineffective. It’s time someone told the BOSS – and that’s what Kelly and Robby do in this presentation. The message: KIDS need to get with the program, but the BOSS needs to change the freaking program.


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"The comments we received from [Kelly’s] presentation were outstanding, and he received the highest ratings in our post-conference survey to attendees! Kelly is dynamic and high-energy, and challenged the audience with insight into obstacles that hinder success. Kelly was a hit and I would highly recommend him to any organization!"

- D. Alonso, Senior Director

"[Kelly] is a dynamic, energetic, and engaging speaker and his messages are timely and relevant to the specific audience. As president of a marketing organization I sought Kelly out to speak at our national convention, and he has since been asked back by our organization several times, and is consistently ranked by attendees as one of the best in the country."

- D. Birkes, Vice-President

"We have used Kelly for the past several years as the featured speaker/trainer for our annual training event. He is an impactful, engaging, and highly effective speaker who provides value and benefit to even the most seasoned professional. I will continue to seek out his services and highly encourage anyone looking for a speaker to do the same."

- S. Morath, Director

"I very much appreciate the enthusiasm that Professor [Robby] Riggs brings to the classroom – it is contagious and makes the material easy to absorb."

- J Wakim, Student

"I can imagine the challenges delivering this type of training entails. [Robby] does a great job of being ‘on’ to ensure each learning session is effective. Well done."

- E Joerin, Manager

"This was most helpful. [Robby’s] energy was great and the information was incredibly impactful."

- D Raney, General Manager

"I would tell you how awesome this program is, but [Robby] already know that. I am excited for the next installment and have already sung your praises to my colleagues!"

- C Fenton, Director