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Becoming a CounterMentor™ leader is much more than learning a few things about social media or technology. It is an approach to leadership designed to overcome the chaos of the 4-generation workplace and the new challenges created by the technology revolution - distraction, change, and complexity. 

CounterMentoring™ is the process of creating a culture that helps younger employees rapidly develop their potential, while simultaneously helping the Boomer #leader expand his or her knowledge to adapt to a radically different workplace. The entire process is designed to create a killer workplace culture where older and younger generations collaborate and thrive.

A New Workplace Environment : A New Set of Challenges


Technology has introduced a level of distraction into the modern workplace that has never been experienced. Now, in addition to meetings, phone calls, and the typical interruptions from co-workers, there is email, social media, texting, and endless Internet sites to distract employees.

​​These distractions can account for as much as 2.3 days lost per month per employee -- or 11% of your people costs.


Technology has introduced enormous amounts of complexity into the products and services that companies offer. It has also created a workforce that is vastly different than the one previously created by Baby Boomers.

A more sophisticated product offering requires a more capable workforce, but this is a workforce that seemingly plays by different rules. They are constantly connected. They are constantly questioning.

Pace of Change

Technology never rests. Today's phones and tablets continue to get faster, smaller, and more capable every year. Social selling and marketing automation are constantly evolving.

Websites. Content creation. New digital productivity tools. More sophisticated marketing and sales platforms. The pace of change is simply mind-boggling, and a good portion of your company's leadership thinks social media is a waste of time.

The workshops below are detailed, content-rich, and highly interactive. Participants gain clarity in understanding their roles as leaders, while identifying where the train can run off the tracks.​ Most importantly, leaders learn how to cope with the NEW leadership issues: complexity, distraction, and change.

1-Day Workshop

These are some of the topics covered in the one-day session:

• The CounterMentor mindset: How you can become the new #Leader

• Overview of the COUNTER leadership methodology

• A strategy for communication: the foundation of all leadership

• Understanding the critical differences between Boomer and Millennial

• Keys to dealing with the new leadership challenges - complexity, distraction, and pace of change.

• The power of purpose in a Millennial/Gen Z environment

2-Day Workshop

All of the topics from the one-day session, and much more:

• Negotiating the obstacles of the CounterMentor™ relationship

• How to create a culture that leverages the CounterMentor relationship

• Creating time: the biggest challenge to leadership

• Why so much of what you want as a leader doesn't get accomplished

• How to coach (quite different than mentoring)

• Executing the CounterMentor leadership methodology

• A much deeper look at feedback and performance management

Fees includes all classroom materials

For more information, email kr@countermentors.com or call (918) 521-2345.