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CM120: “FAILURE is Not a 4-Letter Word”

In a world where superstars recount failure as the vital turning point toward their success, is it now OK to fail? Is there really such a thing as “failing upward”? Or is this new way of talking about it just reinforcing Boomers’ criticism of Millennials and Millennials’ unwillingness to take risks? Join Kelly and Robby as they discuss common attitudes towards failure and why they are killing performance.

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CM 119: “Why Can’t You Act Like Adults?”

Boomers LOVE to criticize Millennials when they don’t “act like adults” – an observation that is often subjective. And, of course, not every Millennial is guilty of childish behavior, but both generations love to generalize! However, where there is smoke, there is often a fire around somewhere. Join Kelly and Robby as they take on dysfunctional behavior in the office and figure out what is childish – and what is negotiable.

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