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CM120: “FAILURE is Not a 4-Letter Word”

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Many Boomer managers tend to forget their own past failures, while attributing a Millennial employee’s mistakes to everything imaginable: laziness, entitlement, and too much time texting and checking social media. Millennials themselves, rather than expecting a free ride and a trunk full of trophies, are reportedly more stressed out than any previous generation about the prospect of professional failure.

But is that changing? In a world where superstars recount failure as the vital turning point toward their success, is it now OK to fail? Is there really such a thing as “failing upward”? Or is this new way of talking about it just reinforcing Boomers’ criticism of Millennials and Millennials’ unwillingness to take risks?

Join Kelly and Robby as they discuss common attitudes towards failure and why they are killing performance.

Show Notes:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
Winston Churchill

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