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CM109: “I’m the Leader. Now Sit Down and Shut Up!”

They are everywhere, “leaders” (by virtue of position) who won’t accept input or feedback; who basically want you to sit down and shut up, and just do as your told. Join Robby and Kelly for a hilarious examination of Mr/s. Old School Micro-Manager, and the skills that set the NEW CounterMentor™ leader apart from his/her peers.

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CM106: “When Did Respect Go Out of Style?”

This is a complicated issue with lots of questions: Are Millennials disrespectful? Should Boomers show respect to Millennials if the Millennials won’t show respect “until the boss earns it?” Do you earn respect or do you grant it unconditionally? Join Robby and Kelly as they go toe-to-toe on this hot-button topic: When did respect go out of style?

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