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CM106: “When Did Respect Go Out of Style?”

So, when did respect go out of style? Over half of employees claim their bosses don’t respect them. At the same time, 7-in-10 adults consider Millennials to be selfish. Clearly, something is going on with Millennials and the idea of respect.

This is a complicated issue with lots of questions: Are Millennials disrespectful? Should Boomers show respect to Millennials if the Millennials won’t even show respect “until the boss earns it?” How do you define respect (and “respectful”)? Do you earn respect or grant it unconditionally? How is the lack of respect impacting relationships in the workplace? Are leaders to blame?

Don’t miss this epic conversation….join Robby and Kelly as they go toe-to-toe on this hot-button topic!

Show Notes:

“If you want to be a great leader, remember to treat all people with respect at all times.”
Simon Sinek

  1. Good morning, Millennials! Welcome to the real world.” by Rosemary McDonough (June 2014)


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