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Episode No. 2: “I Didn’t Win, But I Got a Trophy”

We only waited until the second episode to tackle one of the more prevailing attitudes about Millennials. You know: They ALWAYS got a trophy just for showing up (aren’t you so proud of yourself?). The very idea makes Boomers wanna lose their lunches. But, the impact of the “trophy generation” is very real in the workplace. How should leaders deal with it? How should Millennials adapt?

In this episode, Robby and Kelly argue and assess Boomer and Millennial ideals about competition, winning and losing, participation, and the impact the “trophy generation” on the workplace. Surely, there is a happy (productive) medium in there somewhere!

Show Notes:

  1. Are Trophies Really So Bad?” by Anna North (New York Times)
  2. How to Land Your Kid in Therapy” by Lori Gottlieb  (The Atlantic)
  3. Participation Trophies Aren’t What’s Wrong with Kids These Days” by Bob Cook (Forbes)
  4. Millennial Manpower: Why the Trophy Generation Can’t Find Jobs” by Ty Hall (Profiles International)


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