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Throwing Money Away on Bad Meetings

We have all been required to attend meetings at work. Some of them are even necessary. Occasionally, one is actually productive! Unfortunately, most — and we do mean most — are only marginally beneficial. Many are a complete waste of time. And those bad meetings are costing you a fortune.They start late. They are poorly led. They are long on ideas and short on execution. There is no follow-up or accountability.

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CM110: “I Freaking HATE Meetings!”

It’s another one of those skills that does not get taught to leaders, and people learn how by watching other people who don’t do them how. Big surprise that the RULE, not the exception, is that most meetings are terribly done and people freaking HATE them! Join Robby and Kelly for a thorough thrashing of group meetings, AND some great advice on how you can do them much better in the future.

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