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CM116: “Who Says Millennials Don’t Work on Weekends”

Crazy work hours can be a huge disruption to communication and collaboration, and Boomer managers typically aren’t adapting very well to the idea of “come and go as you please.” So, what are leaders to do?? Join Kelly and Robby as they try to figure out why Millennials can’t seem to make it to work by 8:00 am (allegedly), and why Boomers insist on rigid work hours (usually).

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CM113: “All in the FAMILY Business”

Hey, it’s enough of a challenge for a Millennial just to work with a Boomer, but how about when that Boomer is also your dad? Join Robby and Kelly as they talk about the hazards of working in the family business, and learn from the experiences of Jessica and “Mr. Palmer.”Don’t miss this powerful introduction to CounterMentor™ leadership!

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Welcome to the CounterMentors Show

The CounterMentor is the new leader. He or she is the leader that taps into the wealth of knowledge available from the younger generations and “grow from below,” while simultaneously coaching and mentoring those same players. The CounterMentors show (live on Blab, and a podcast on iTunes) is the place where you can get both perspectives from the workplace. Boomer AND Millennial.

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