Welcome to the CounterMentors Show - CounterMentors

Welcome to the CounterMentors Show!

CounterMentors? What in the world?

That’s easy.

CM-Icon-Color-SolidFor the first time in history, the younger generation has something of significance to offer the older generation. In the past, any new employee was required to “pay your dues,” and promotion and advancement were dependent upon years of service and “working your way up the corporate ladder.”

Then, digital technology and social media exploded onto the workplace. And suddenly, the younger generation had something to offer to a company, something HUGE – a vast knowledge of, and practical experience with, the rapidly evolving landscape of social media and digital tools. As technology and this new iGeneration infected the workplace, the value of innovative, tech-savvy, so-called “junior” employees increased a hundredfold.

Unfortunately, most companies – mostly led by old-school Baby Boomers – have tenaciously clung to the old-world order of “wait your turn” and “because I said so.” But corporate leaders that fail to adapt and learn from the “younger” generation face the reality of becoming irrelevant.

Not tomorrow – today.

The CounterMentor is the new leader. He or she is the leader that taps into the wealth of knowledge available from the younger generations and “grow from below,” while simultaneously coaching and mentoring those same players.

The Show

The CounterMentors show (live on Blab, and a podcast on iTunes) is the place where you can get both perspectives from the workplace. Boomer AND Millennial. 

The show is designed to show how seasoned leaders can benefit from mentoring AND counter-mentoring to create a high-performance workplace. We’ll help you figure out how to blend the very best of both generations to create better relationships, better results, and a better life altogether.

Join us — father and son — as we debate and negotiate the best practices from two generations.  

Hint: Old guys rule. (Sometimes.)

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