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You Can’t Keep Millennial Employees Because You Really Don’t Have a Clue

Yeah, that’s a bit harsh. The title, that is.

But, in the fight to attract and retain great Millennial employees, you’re getting CRUSHED.

It’s bad.

You’re not just losing the battle for Millennial talent; you’re losing the war. And, unfortunately for you, it’s not even close.

You can’t get us to follow orders, toe the line, do as we’re told, and stay off of our phones, so CLEARLY we “don’t get it.” Right? And now you’re at the end of your rope and you’ve charged over to HR and yelled and screamed and stomped your feet like a petulant ‘threenager’ (yes, that’s what we call them now).

What’s left for you to do?!?

[Warning: Healthy dose of sarcasm straight ahead.] Here’s the deal: We #millennials are the most sought after talent in the history of the workforce. I would cite a source, but I’m a Millennial, so I know it’s right (and I’ve already Tweeted and Snap-Chatted it). [Translated for Boomers: We have very useful skills that you don’t have, and you’re just dismissing us as a bunch of entitled trophy winners. Big Mistake.]

CounterMentors Infographic - Millennials

So, let me explain to you why you are incapable of attracting us (much less keeping us). I’ll use bullet points because I know you’re probably reading this on a Blackberry, which is just sad.

  • You still manage people using a set of ideas that was pioneered in the 1850s for laborers in a factory. (OK – I’ll admit Winslow T. was way ahead of his time, but even he would laugh at you between puffs on his ornate pipe for doing things the same way after 165 years!)
  • You look at people as tools in a box.
  • You provide feedback about as often as the Kardashians skip a party.
  • You don’t provide the right incentives.
  • You’re no fun to work with (or for).
  • You don’t even highlight the right benefits at your boring career fair booth!

OK, maybe that last one was harsh, but NO ONE WANTS ANOTHER FREAKING CHEAP PEN, and we don’t care that you do ‘Blue Jean Fridays’ in the summer. That’s just not attractive anymore.

So, if you want to attract and retain great #Millennial and #DigitalNative (aka Gen Z) talent, you need to understand what fires them up.

Here’s a shortcut. Download the infographic to the right and, suddenly, you’ll be the smartest Boomer in your office!

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