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CM114: “Reverse Mentoring: How About I Mentor You, Boss?”



The idea of mentoring – or coaching or counseling – has been around for a long time in the workplace. Sometimes it’s done well; other times, it’s just a fad and simply fades away. However, REVERSE mentoring is a relatively new idea that has come of age with Millennials. The reason? Millennials bring value to the workplace from Day 1 with their familiarity and expertise with social media, digital tools, and connectivity.

When Jack Welch was CEO at GE back in the early 2000s, he formally directed 500 corporate managers to find younger employees to help them learn about that newfangled contraption called “the Internet.” But, while it may have started as a way for Boomer leaders to learn about technology, the idea is now used much more extensively – for those that use it. Only about 1-on-7 companies is using it as a workplace tool!

Join Robby and Kelly as they discuss real-world stories about reverse mentoring and its benefits, and provide some direction on how you can create a productive reverse-mentoring relationship.


Show Notes:

“Leadership is influence.”
John Maxwell

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