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CM132 “You Can’t Be Efficient With People”

Managers never have enough time, so they try to be efficient, even with people. The problem is that you can’t be efficient with people! Developing your people takes time. In many ways, leadership is about changing the way you invest your available time. Join Kelly and Robby as they continue with this second episode about the value of recognition.

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CM127: “Embrace the Millennial Mindset”

Actually, the Millennial mindset has a lot to say for itself: passion and creativity, industry-changing ideas, unique solutions to modern problems. They are reinventing our understanding of work-life balance and shaping culture with their drive for purpose. True, they have a different set of perspectives, and they often approach a problem with different ideas about the solution, but why are Boomers so resistant to that? Why can’t they embrace the Millennial mindset?

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