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CM127: “Embrace the Millennial Mindset”

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Adopt the mindset of  a Millennial? Are you kidding? What does that mean exactly? Half days at work and trophies for everyone? Sleep until noon and get credit for trying hard??

OK, we jest… But you might be surprised, because that mindset, which is most definitely different than the Boomer mindset, is not something terrible – it’s just different, much like previous generations were different when they entered the workplace. The first challenge is to simply understand the difference in perspectives, something many Boomers don’t have any interest in.

Which is a real mistake since the Millennial mindset has a lot to say for itself: passion and creativity, industry-changing ideas, unique solutions to modern problems. They are reinventing our understanding of work-life balance and shaping culture with their drive for purpose. True, they have a different set of perspectives, and they often approach a problem with different ideas about the solution, but why are Boomers so resistant to that?  Why can’t they embrace new perspectives?

Join KellyRobby, and special guest Brian Fanzo ( for a raucous conversation about the elements of the Millennial mindset, and the benefits to the workplace when Boomers “change the freaking program!” Show BONUS: Brian reveals how Boomers can harness the Millennial mindset to produce amazing results– a must-see episode!

Show Notes:

“Limitations inspire creativity.”
Brian Fanzo

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