CM134 "Millennial Fact or Fiction" - CounterMentors

CM134: “Millennial Fact or Fiction”

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You’ve heard a lot of generalizations about Millennials and Millennial employees, in particular. There are a million articles about them. There are books about how to understand them. Everyone seems to think they have a handle on Millennials and their behavior. But what exactly is the truth about Millennials, and what is exaggerated?

In this episode of the Counter Mentors podcast, Kelly and Robby look at many of the claims made about Millennials and tell you if they are based on facts, or simply fictions created by people who don’t understand them.


Show Notes:

“Truth is stranger than fiction.”
Mark Twain

  1. Millennials are turning out better than anyone expected, and it may be thanks to their parents” (Business Insider)
  2. Myths, Exaggerations and Uncomfortable Truths” (IBM)
  3. Don’t Call Me a Millennial – I’m an Old Millennial” (NY Mag)
  4. Why the Millennial Stereotype is Wrong” (BBC)
  5. Four Workplace Stereotypes Millennials (Like Me) Thoroughly Resent” (Fast Company)
  6. Five Millennial Stereotypes: Fact, Fiction, or ScapeGoat?” (