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CM140: “Coaching for Leaders”

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Coaching is, for many managers, a highly under appreciated skill. It is usually assumed that anyone who is good at something, when promoted to manager, will naturally be good at teaching and coaching those skills.

Not so much.

Teaching and coaching are powerful skills that have to be learned just as much as the skills that get managers promoted. And those skills will make you a far more effective leader. In this episode, Kelly and Robby are joined by perennial champion football coach, Bill Blankenship to talk coaching for leaders in the workplace.

Coach Blankenship has won everywhere. He has coached two Oklahoma 6A schools to state championship titles (Union and Owasso). He coached Fayetteville high school to an Arkansas 7A football state championship in his only year there. And, to top it off, he spent four seasons as the head coach of his alma mater, the University of Tulsa, finishing 19-8 with a Liberty Bowl championship in his first two years, before falling to 5-19 his final two years.

Hear Bill’s tips for coaching through failure, setting expectations, how to create a winning culture, and much more. Learn how effective coaching unlocks the potential of your people, and try to tune out the boys geeking out in the presence of a legend.

Show Notes:

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”
Bill Bradley

  1.  “Bill Blankenship slays the monster he helped create” NewsOK