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CM141: “Your Friend Requests are Annoying”

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Do you roll your eyes when you get Friend Requests from people you haven’t seen since high school – and the first thing they want to do is sell you their latest something?

What about you….how much time do you waste sending LinkedIn requests to people you’ve never met?

And who doesn’t LOVE going to networking events? Delivering your “elevator speech” in an attempt to dazzle a captive stranger in a few nauseating minutes?

If the very idea of networking makes you cringe, you are going to want to hear some good news from our guest, David Burkus, author of Friend of a Friend: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career: Those methods DO NOT WORK.

Ok, great. So… what do we do now?

Join Kelly and Robby on this new episode as they learn all the best strategies from David for networking in today’s hyperconnected social universe. Find out his best advice for maximizing your existing network.

FINALLY! Let yourself off the hook for skipping those cocktail hours with strangers.

Show Notes:

“Networking doesn’t have to be all about talking shop over appetizers
and bad chardonnay– do it in a way that works for you.”
Kathryn Minshew