CM142: "The Source of Workplace Failure You Don't Recognize" - CounterMentors

CM142: “The Source of Workplace Failure You Don’t Recognize”

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Chances are really good that you’re ignoring a powerful drain on your team and its productivity.

In fact, it’s too easy to simply dismiss emotional intelligence as something you are too busy to consider. After all, where is the return on investment for these so-called “soft skills”?

That’s an easy question to answer, and the numbers are scary! EQ is vitally important to workplace success, especially for leaders!!

Of course, Boomers often think that Millennials spend too much time with their “feelings.” Millennials, in turn, counter that Boomers are repressed and tend to ignore conflict rather than resolve it.

The truth at the heart of both of these stereotypes? We’ve all got a problem with emotional intelligence.

In this episode, Kelly and Robby discuss why Millennials need to work on better self-regulation and Boomers need to consider more carefully how their actions impact other people. Find out why you cannot afford to ignore this hidden source of workplace failure.

Show Notes:

  • What is emotional intelligence (EQ)? (4:10)
  • What you get from an investment in EQ (15:25)
  • Is EQ learned, or are you born with it? (18:30)
  • Which generation has higher emotional intelligence? (22:30)
  • How emotional intelligence will make you a better leader (25:10)
  • Why you should carve out time for EQ (26:45)
  • Tactics for EQ in the workplace (28:05)


1. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves
2. “What Makes a Leader” by Daniel Goleman
5. EQ and Leadership (Infographic)