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CM143: “More (or Less) Emotional Intelligence”

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Bad behavior didn’t use to be so public! But now, social media has made it possible for people to throw temper tantrums on a scale we could never imagine just a few years back. More and more, conflict gets played out on public platforms rather than between people.

It’s too easy to get a daily does of public conflict courtesy of major league sports. Professional athletes and organizations have become quite adept at airing their dirty laundry all over the media. It’s not only unprofessional and immature, it also provides the perfect reflection of the kinds of conflict that happen in the workplace for those of us who ride a desk, not a bench.

In this episode, Kelly and Robby examine recent examples of team conflict from the world of sports and discuss the vital role of emotional intelligence in building a high-performance team.


Show Notes:

  • What you can learn from real-world examples of EQ (:30) 
  • How should leaders engage team members who are checking out? (4:45)
  • What is the most significant trait a leader can have? (8:45)
  • Why being different isn’t necessarily wrong, but a bad leader might not know the difference (11:20)
  • Are feelings the problem, or is it the way you react to your feelings? (14:00)
  • How should leaders respond to team members who lack self-regulation? (16:30)
  • Why conflict should be handled between people rather than in public (22:00)
  • The negative impacts when you don’t engage your emotional intelligence (25:10)
  • How leaders create a culture of emotional intelligence (27:00)


  1. Are the Steelers the Kardashians?” (CBS)
  2. How it Has Gone Wrong with Antonio Brown and the Steelers” (ESPN)
  3. Lead with Emotional Intelligence: 6 Ways of Doug Pederson, Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles” (Co/Create)