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CM107: “Could You Do Change ANY Worse?”

If your idea of implementing change in the workplace is to send out an email, schedule training, and tell people to “get over it,” your killing your company’s performance! Join Robby and Kelly as the look closely at the dramatic impact change has on employees, and how leaders can make that process far more effective. I mean, really…could you do change ANY worse?

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CM106: “When Did Respect Go Out of Style?”

This is a complicated issue with lots of questions: Are Millennials disrespectful? Should Boomers show respect to Millennials if the Millennials won’t show respect “until the boss earns it?” Do you earn respect or do you grant it unconditionally? Join Robby and Kelly as they go toe-to-toe on this hot-button topic: When did respect go out of style?

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CM105: “Your Worthless MBA”

This week we invite author and comedian, Paul Ollinger (“You Should Totally Get an MBA”), in to talk about the value of an MBA – which is perfect timing, since Robby is finishing up his MBA at Boston University this week! Join Robby, Kelly and Paul for a lively discussion about why you should – or should NOT – get an MBA.

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CM101: “Old School is Definitely Dead”

The very first episode of CounterMentors! We turn to the dynamic, for-this-show-PG-rated, tell-it-like-it-is, Jim Keenan to kick off the show. Hosts Robby and Kelly argue “old school” and “new school” — from baseball to the workplace! And Jim has plenty to share about personal brand, creating value, and getting educated (outside of education).

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