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CM134 “Millennial Fact or Fiction”

CM134: “Millennial Fact or Fiction” LISTEN below, and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. You’ve heard a lot of generalizations about Millennials and Millennial employees, in particular. There are a million articles about them. There are books about how to understand them. Everyone seems to think they have a handle on Millennials and […]

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CM133: “Who Raised These Cupcakes?”

Cupcakes. Is that Pops’ favorite term for the Millennials? Or is it snowflakes? OK, we’ll allow that Millennials are different…but why? Are they really “soft”? Or are they simply a product of their helicopter parents and the technology they were raised around? At what point do they have to own their behaviors? In this episode of the Counter Mentors podcast, Kelly and Robby explore these questions and much more. Are Millennials (and GenZ) really that much different than Boomers were at their age?

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CM132 “You Can’t Be Efficient With People”

Managers never have enough time, so they try to be efficient, even with people. The problem is that you can’t be efficient with people! Developing your people takes time. In many ways, leadership is about changing the way you invest your available time. Join Kelly and Robby as they continue with this second episode about the value of recognition.

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CM131: “Recognition is for Everyone, Boomers!”

Join Kelly and Robby as they welcome special guest Jeremy Todd Ford, VP of Talent at United Natural Foods Incorporated, to discuss the value of recognition and discover the next “frontier” in recognition at work. You can’t afford to get this one wrong – recognition is for everyone!

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CM 129: “How To Coach (and be coached by) Millennials

It seems like every Boomer manager is trying to learn how to coach Millennials…or something. On rare occasions, the enlightened Boomer manager can actually see the value in being coached BY a Millennial. In this phenomenal episode, we are joined by the incomparable Tim Sanders (@sandersays) for a discussion about how to coach Millennials…and the insane idea (to some managers, at least) of being coached by Millennials.

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