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CM 129: “How To Coach (and be coached by) Millennials

It seems like every Boomer manager is trying to learn how to coach Millennials…or something. On rare occasions, the enlightened Boomer manager can actually see the value in being coached BY a Millennial. In this phenomenal episode, we are joined by the incomparable Tim Sanders (@sandersays) for a discussion about how to coach Millennials…and the insane idea (to some managers, at least) of being coached by Millennials.

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CM128: “Millennials Make Better Leaders?”

Boomers may think they are the only ones getting anything done, and Millennials may think they are the only ones who know how to inspire, but it turns out these are both key elements of effective leadership. Research indicates that the most effective leaders are those who can produce results and have excellent people skills. And, according to that same research, it appears that Millennials (gasp!) actually make better leaders.

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CM126: “Never Trust Anyone over 30”

Who do YOU trust? Well, the phrase, “Never trust anyone over 30,” was coined by Jack Weinberg, a political activist at Cal-Berkeley in the 1960s. But now, on the other side of the fence, Boomers are more likely to say you shouldn’t trust anyone under 30. The reality is that trust – as a general idea – is seemingly non-existent in society. Bottom line? Millennials and Boomers don’t trust each other, and it is wreaking havoc in the office.

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CM124: “Who Works Harder – Boomers or Millennials?”

You’ve heard it all before. Boomers claim they work harder, 8 to 5 like clockwork, and then some; showing up and getting it done day in and day out. Millennials, on the other hand, say they work smarter, using their mobile devices and flex time to accomplish more in two hours than Boomers do all day. But really, who works harder?

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CM123: “How Do You Conflict?”

How should Millennials confront Boomers, and how should Boomers do performance management so it doesn’t sound like constant criticism. In this episode, Nathan Regier, the author of “Conflict Without Casualties,” drops in to shed some light on conflict, and offer up some knowledge bombs on dealing with the natural conflict that exists between Boomers and Millennials.

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