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CM124: “Who Works Harder – Boomers or Millennials?”

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“Those cupcakes.” Yes, Boomers love to pile on Millennials. To them, it often comes down to their perceptions: lazy and entitled. They don’t need to ask who works harder, because they already know. They lay claim to the last remnants of work ethic and ability to overcome adversity. They walked uphill to school every day. Both ways. After hours of chores.

Millennials? Please. Those little snowflakes are allergic to hard work.

Boomers are at their desks, 8 to 5, like clockwork – and then some. They show up and get it done, day in and day out, year after year. “But wait just a second,” says the Millennial. “Who cares who works harder? It’s about getting things done, and we can get more done at Starbucks in two hours than you can do all day.” They can’t understand why they have to be in the office at 8:00 am; why they have to be in the office at all (really??), since they can use their mobile devices and an Internet connection to get everything done.

So, really, who works harder? Do Millennials have a work ethic problem? Does having a mobile device level the playing field? Join Kelly and Robby as they take on the ultimate Boomer vs. Millennial smackdown. Who will walk away with bragging rights? Or will they discover common ground? With these two, you never quite know…

Show Notes:

“Winners embrace hard work.”
Lou Holtz

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