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CM130: “Do Cell Phones Ruin Relationships?”

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Yes, your cell phone is integral to your daily life. Yes, you know you are on it too much. Boomers tell young people they suck at social interactions because they only know how to communicate through text, and Millennials may think there is some truth to that.

But does it ruin your relationships?

Actually, according to recent research, 52% of Millennials think technology has improved their relationships. People meet their future spouses on dating sites, right? On the other hand, 57% of Boomers say cell phones ruin relationships.

So, who is right?

It’s not just your girlfriend or your mother that you ignore when your nose is pressed against your phone. Even at work, the trust and communication that is vital to a successful team is becoming impossible to build because everyone — that includes you, Boomers(!) — can’t seem to keep that screen turned off. Your problem becomes everyone’s problem when it impacts your performance (and, thus, the performance of the team!).

Join Kelly and Robby as they investigate the impact of technology on personal and professional relationships and the differences between how Boomers and Millennials “do” relationships.


Show Notes:

“Life is relationship…we cannot live if you and I have built a wall around ourselves
and just peep over that wall occasionally.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

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