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CM146: Is It A Waste Of Time To Understand The BOSS?

Is it worth it for Millennials to try and understand the BOSS? Join Kelly and Robby as they break down the over-generalizations and the bad communication that prevent Millennials and Boomers from connecting at work. And stay tuned until the end for a set of principles that can help Millennials maximize their success in the workplace.

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CM 145: Are Extroverts Better Leaders Than Introverts?

better leaders

There seems to be an assumption that extroverts are better leaders than introverts. But is that actually true? Join Kelly and Robby as they discuss our biases about leadership, what it looks like, and how leaders behave. More importantly, stick around as they share how the habits of great leaders can be cultivated by anyone with the discipline and desire to excel.

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CM 144: Are Employees Holding You Hostage?

CM144: “Are Employees Holding You Hostage?” LISTEN below, and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. If you’ve been working more than a couple of months, you’re probably aware of a problem employee. The prima donna. The bull-in-a-china-shop. The bad attitude. The ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ bulldozer. It seems like we’ve come to accept drama as a […]

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