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CM145: “Are Extroverts Better Leaders Than Introverts??”

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There seems to be an assumption that leadership requires an individual to have certain personality traits. Perhaps not surprisingly, research confirms our intuition–even children know instinctually what kinds of people tend to get placed in leadership roles. So, we tend to assume that the best leaders are the best talkers–that extroverts make the most effective leaders.

But is that actually true? Is it an individual’s personality that makes them a good leader, or can leaders be developed?

Join Kelly and Robby as they discuss our biases about leadership, what it looks like, and how leaders behave. More importantly, stick around as they share how the habits of great leaders can be cultivated by anyone with the discipline and desire to excel.

Show Notes:

  • Is personality a big part of leadership? (2:00)
  • A head coach fired for lacking personality (2:30)
  • Is being outgoing a requirement for being a leader? (5:00)
  • What is the “look” of a leader? (6:45)
  • Our built-in bias toward certain kinds of people when choosing our leaders (9:00)
  • The connection between extroverts and our tendency to promote people who appear to get things done (12:30)
  • A comprehensive study on the personalities of CEOs (17:45)
  • How introverts can make our bias toward “decisive” leaders work for them (20:00)
  • The ways introverts can engage their employees one-on-one to show their dynamic communication (23:30)
  • How those who are resistant to change can make “adapting proactively” part of their normal routine (25:00)
  • The values that matter more to leadership than personality (26:00)


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