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CM 137: “Boomer Fact or Fiction”

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Set in their ways. No clues on how to use a smartphone. Their way or the highway. Coasting until retirement (and spending their kids’ inheritance). You think you have Boomers all figured out, don’t you?

Think again.

After arguing their way through all the stereotypes about Millennials in “Millennial Fact or Fiction,” it was only fair that the boys take on all the generalizations Millennials bring to the table about Boomers. Raised to be hard working and risk averse by parents who survived the Great Depression and World War, Boomers see themselves as stable and responsible.

Millennials, on the other hand, often see them as relics who are typically unwilling to try anything new. (Though the Pops doesn’t see how pictures of your lunch represent anything useful and innovative, Snowflake.)

Join Kelly and Robby as they pick apart what you think you know about Boomers and explain how generational–and relational–understanding is the key to unlocking the potential of the four-generation workplace.


Show Notes:

“We grew up with a certain amount of the ethics our parents had, which is,
you know, work hard, make your own way, be independent.”
Billy Joel

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