CM136: “140 Characters is Bad for the Workplace (LOL)” - CounterMentors

CM136: “140 Characters is Bad for the Workplace (LOL)”

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140 characters has become the standard for social media conversations, but it’s certainly wreaking havoc with communication in the corporate world. The new language of texting and tweets is only widening the workplace generational divide. Many Boomers can’t communicate with it, and many Millennials can’t seem to communicate without it!

Email. Text. FB Messenger. Snapchat. With more communication tools than ever before (most of which the Pops has no idea what they are), communication has nevertheless not improved. In fact, it’s probably worse than ever. And instead of dealing with the problem head-on, both Boomers and Millennials spend their time complaining about how the other generation can’t get it together. To quote a wise man (AHEM, Robby in a previous episode), “we communicate about everything– except the way we want to communicate.”

In this episode of the Counter Mentors podcast, Kelly and Robby take on workplace communication and the many ways in which it completely sucks. From 140 characters to poor writing skills to managers who don’t have a clue how to communicate, this episode gets a little bloody!


Show Notes:

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw

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