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CM122: “You are Your Own Worst Enemy”

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In this episode, we unpack the idea of “emotional intelligence” (EQ). We discuss how and why a low EQ can easily make someone their own worst enemy in the workplace. Certainly, leaders are far more effective when they possess a higher EQ, but emotional intelligence is just as important for the success of every employee.

Robby tries to share an article (see show notes) claiming that Millennials have higher “emotional intelligence” than Boomers. After that brief comedy show, we quickly shift our attention to the groundbreaking work of Daniel Goleman (a Boomer, of course).

Goleman identifies five components that contribute to the idea of emotional intelligence. We take a look at those components and offer several examples of how they work. We also look at how we often go wrong with them.

Join Kelly and Robby as they talk about, among other things, why you shouldn’t tell everything you know – even if you’re right.

Show Notes:

“Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way.”
Mavis Mazhura

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