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CM117: “You Want a Raise Already?”

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Boomers have always believed that raises and promotions are a reward for a job well done.  You’ve got to earn your keep and demonstrate your value before coming to the boss with your hand out, right?

Apparently not.  In contrast with Boomers (and every other generation preceding them), Millennials tend to want a raise, or a promotion, or perks like their own offices as a right of employment! They are more like rights they deserve rather than rewards that are earned. Not surprisingly, that doesn’t always sit well with Boomers, who see themselves as having worked their way to the top.

Join Kelly and Robby as they hash out the very different expectations that each generation has about raises and discuss how to determine when a raise is appropriate. At risk: a company may lose a valuable Millennial AND alienate valuable Boomers.


Show Notes:

“Financial rewards follow accomplishment; they don’t precede it.”
Harry F. Banks

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