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Today, the younger generation has more to offer a company than unbridled enthusiasm and a fresh canvas. Unlike many of their Boomer bosses, they have acquired the knowledge and practical experience needed to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of social media and digital tools. As technology and this new iGeneration invade the workplace, the value of this innovative, tech-savvy employee has increased many times over.

The CounterMentor is the new #Leader. He or she taps into the wealth of knowledge available from the younger generations and "grows from below," while simultaneously coaching and mentoring those high-potential employees.

The Problem

Older leaders often struggle to adapt to the realities of the new workplace. The constant change, complexity, and distractions created by the impact of technology can be overwhelming, particularly when you don't quite understand the new generation of employees!

After seeing companies and individual leaders struggle inside this new work environment, and observing first-hand the issues associated with multiple generations in the workplace, we realized that overcoming these challenges can create extraordinary opportunities for the leader who is open to change.


Our mission is to help both Boomers & Millennials avoid the frustrations of simply flailing around in the dark, trying to "fix" a few things in order to solve these problems. 

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The Solution

Through a series of workshops and ongoing 1-on-1 coaching, we teach older-generation leaders how to adapt and lead effectively in the current chaotic, four-generation workplace. We help them develop the skills to embolden, empower, and engage the younger generation, and teach them a methodology for developing a CounterMentor™ relationship with their high potential employees. 

​Simultaneously, we coach the younger, high-potential employee on how to cultivate the Counter-Mentor™ relationship in order to  bring their skills and knowledge to the workplace.

About the CounterMentors Video Podcast

Finally! A place where you can get both perspectives from the workplace. Boomer AND Millennial. 

The show is designed to show how seasoned leaders can benefit from mentoring AND countermentoring to create a high-performance workplace. We'll help you figure out how to blend the very best of both generations to create better relationships, better results, and a better life altogether.

​Join father and son, Kelly and Robby Riggs, as they debate and negotiate the best practices from two generations.  Hint: Old guys rule. (Well, sometimes.) 

The Most Recent 
CounterMentors Show

CM117: “You Want a Raise Already?”
We've always believed that raises and promotions are a reward for a job well done. You've got to earn your keep and demonstrate your value before coming to the boss with your hand out, right? Apparently not. In contrast with Boomers (and every other generation preceding them), Millennials tend to want a raise, or a promotion, or perks like their own offices as a right of employment! They are more like rights they deserve rather than rewards that are earned. Not surprisingly, that doesn't always sit well with Boomers, who see themselves as having worked their way to the top.

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Join Kelly & Robby for an entertaining look at what's wrong with Millennials.
Or Boomers. Or both (usually).

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